A person’s caliber can b judged based on the quality work out-put and end-result. For this, the person should be punctual, sincere & dedicated towards work without which, the end-result may not be as per time schedule.


My love towards my family is natural and super natural too. But, my life becoming older, my love towards my family has turned into affection, as I am outdated for love.  In my opinion, the Love is like meter gauge and the Affection is like a broad gauge. The Love & Affection is like cousins are one starts from love to end as affection.

Regret Step

Self Advocacy is needed for anybody on any failed matter. The failed experiences can be better explained to youngsters and could be advised not to regret too much and to be told to take it easy as a policy. Such regrets are common in life and without any regrets there is no success step.

Fine Love

All is fine.  The Doctor is gone. The patient is ok, but, with the brand of wine and with the memories of love. Love also sometimes cares for wine but that timing is different. Any way don’t become Devadas and live life for want of love in life, as life is very precious and one’s life is gone, it’s a gone case. Of course history will not remember.

Mantri Mark

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